The support of adobe flash officially ended on 31st December 2020. Flash helped create a messy, amateur internet. Big Tech has transformed it into a glossy and corporate one. Flash played an important role for people who don’t own a console. …

The development of AI faster compared to the computer's growth. Data generated each platform, for example, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp is in pets bytes. Facebook generates 4 new petabytes of data per day. Most of the data are mostly instructed data like audio, video, and photos often referred to as big…

Docker is a containerization platform that packages your application and all its dependencies together in the form of a docker container. This ensures that our application works seamlessly in any environment.

What are Containers?

A container is a standard unit of software. A Docker container image is a lightweight standalone, executable package of…

Balavivek Sivanantham

Data Scientist @ Healthcare Industry

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